Hello, my name is Madison Bissonnette. I often get questions about my equipment and style, so here is a bit of information that will help you get an idea of what I do and how I do it.

1) What is your style of photography?

I love natural, raw and emotion-filled photos. My style is very film-like and real, I do not like heavily doctored pictures. My photos are timeless, I want you to be able to look at them years from now and feel the moment all over again.

2) What equipment do you use?

I'm a user of Nikon. I always have two camera bodies with me, just in case!

3) What should I wear to a photoshoot?

Wear something comfortable, flowy (not tight!) and matching! Click here for a link to pinterest with more recommendations. 

4) When will I receive my photos?

In regards to wedding photography, I deliver the photo package no later than twelve weeks after your wedding date.

As for regular photoshoots, the photos will be delivered between three and six weeks after your photoshoot.


If you would like further information, send me a detailed email and I will get back to you soon!



204-371-8657 / Winnipeg